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Drilling pipes

The drilling hole must be supported during drilling in non-compacted soil. For this we offer single and twin-walled drilling pipes with all accessories.

Cutting shoe for twin-walled drilling pipes

Product features

  • The pipe connectors are made of highly rigid heat-treated steel.
  • A watertight connection between the pipes is ensured by an O-ring seal.
  • Due to our high manufacturing flexibility we are able to produce the pipes and especially the connectors for all commercially available systems, or individually to your specifications.
  • Drilling pipe diameters up to 2,500 mm, and larger on customer request.
  • Effective pipe lengths up to 6,000 mm, and longer on customer request.

Product advantages

  • Highly rigid heat-treated steel
  • Long service life
  • Wear-resistant

Application areas

  • Adaptation to commercially available systems or individually to your specifications due to our production flexibility