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Vacuum filters for your production plants

High-performance filters for separating solids and liquids are still designed and manufactured using the decades of knowledge of the former CAS company. The production is still located in Stassfurt, albeit now under the EMDE name. Find out everything you need to know about high-performance filters in the area of solid-liquid separation.

Vacuum filters for solid-liquid separation

This filtration principle is designed for all suspensions with granular solid content. A filter cake is built up via the vacuum applied, which can additionally be cleaned with washing water during the process if required. For this process vacuum filters are required.

The filters are offered as a complete unit, including the electrical control and all peripheral system components. EMDE offers you different kinds of vacuum filters, among those drum filters and belt filters. Have a look at the different kind of solutions EMDE offers regarding high-performance filters!

Where are vacuum filters used?

High-performance filters are used in vacuum systems to prevent contamination. In these systems polluted air can cause numerous problems such as increased attrition, maintenance, and even breakdowns.

Vacuum filters are often used to prevent these kinds of problems. They are implemented between the vacuum generator and gripper, protecting the generator. This filter method is used in many types of machines and devices.

Why rely on high-performance filters for vacuum systems?

There are several reasons why the implementation of a high-performance filter in a vacuum system makes sense:

  • Filtering of contaminating elements such as dust, small parts, humidity and other kinds of debris or dirt
  • Increase in durability of your plant
  • Reduction of maintenance as well as the risk of operational failures and breakdowns
  • High performance: Even smallest particles can be filtered
  • A wide array of possible applications due to the small size and flexibility of the filters
  • Durability and reliability
  • Relatively easy to install

Range of services for vacuum filters by EMDE

We provide support in the following areas:

  • On-site technical advice from experienced specialist engineers during the project phase
  • Process calculation and design of the filter
  • Design and complete manufacture from one source
  • Installation and commissioning of the entire system

Would you like to know more about our high-performing filter solutions for vacuum systems? Contact us and we will advise you thoroughly!