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Rotary furnaces

Among the rotary appliances by EMDE are rotary furnaces. Rotary furnaces are also called rotary drums or rotary kilns. They are used for thermal treatment, pyrolysis as well as the incineration and calcination of various materials. The furnaces can also be used for the productions of materials such as cement.

The furnace shells are made of heat-resistant steels or contain heat protection equipment. They are fired with oil or gas burners, which can be supplied on request. Indirect heating by steam tubes is also possible. The operating temperatures of the rotary kilns can reach up to 1,300°C.

Installation of a rotary cooler

Quality rotary kilns by EMDE

As for all products and appliances by EMDE, we value quality, reliability, durability and flexibility. Together, we can find the right solution for your production. The quality of the end product is significantly influenced by varying the processing time via a rotation speed control for the drum.

The process design is completed in collaboration with our specialists. Experiments can be performed to assist with the drum design. Contact us to learn more about the individual solutions our rotary kilns offer. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Rotary furnaces: Product features

Our rotary furnaces offer many advantages such as:

  • Economical operation due to relatively low resource consumption as well as low servicing and maintenance costs
  • Reliable and durable due to high-quality production and materials used
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Flexibility: Several different kinds of products and operating temperatures are possible
  • High productivity due to high possible operating temperatures and large daily outputs