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Drum filters

Drum filters are among the vacuum filters by EMDE. The high-performance drum filter is extremely compactly built, which offers you the opportunity of also using this filter in extremely confined spaces. Find out everything you need to know about drum filters by EMDE: from application areas to product features to technical details.

When are drum filters used?

Drum filters are used for solid-liquid separation. This process is performed during circulation of the filter drum under vacuum. Therefore, they are also called vacuum drum filters or rotary vacuum drum filters.

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Installation of a drum filter

How do vacuum drum filters work?

The layer thickness of the filter cake is determined by the variable throughput time of the drum through the suspension. This directly impacts the throughput rate of the filter. Washing processes can be used to clean the filter cake.

Drum filters by EMDE

Drum filters by EMDE are reliable and durable high-quality products. Learn more about the features, data, advantages and application areas:

Product features

  • Extremely space-saving construction, ideal for confined spaces
  • Highest throughput performance
  • Optimized product quality through adjustability of:
    Drum rotational speed, operation negative pressure, suspension fill level in the filter trough and the washing water quantity
  • Automatic process control
  • Continuous layer thickness measurement of the filter cake
  • Extremely high availability
  • Extremely long service life and simple replacement of filter medium

Technical data

  • Filter surface area from 5 to 14 m²
  • Drive capacity from 7.5 to 22 kW

Product advantages

  • Compact design suitable for limited spaces
  • Maximum throughput
  • Optimized product quality guaranteed by individual parameter settings

Application areas

  • Solid-liquid separation of suspensions