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BSZS-OP 1350 mm rock auger drill, twin-edged

For slightly cohesive, mixed-grained, medium-density gravel, compacted fine and medium gravel, fine-layered, flaky rock up to medium hardness.

BSZS-OP 1350 mm rock auger drill, twin-edged

Product features

  • Steel cutter bar with HB400 with incorporated holders and (RM) B47 point-attack cutting tools
  • Without centre pilot
  • With two B47 calibration teeth
  • Armoured coil edges

Technical data

  • SW 200 mm Kelly box
  • Maximum torque 300 kNm
  • 229 diameter x 25 central pipe
  • 25 mm coil thickness
  • 50 mm coil cutters (duplicated)
  • 600 mm reduction to the right
  • Overall length 2,300 mm
  • Effective length 1,500 mm
  • Drill diameter 1,350 mm